The Benefits of Healing Yoga

Healing Yoga helps you feel better inside and out by easing the pain and dysfunction that impede wellbeing and human performance—and by encouraging a deeper sense of connection to yourself through yoga, meditation, and nutrition.

To these ends, Michelle offers tailored 1-to-1 instruction that fits your lifestyle and focuses on smart, realistic and time-based goals. The ultimate goal is to approach your challenges holistically, which includes restoring function, eliminating discomfort and fostering a more balanced lifestyle. Important aspects of instruction include:


A unique blend of yoga asana that includes various styles (hatha, yin, restorative).


Movement, meditation and breath work that will potentially improve brain health and combat the negative results of stress.


Evaluation of your specific needs, developing a tailored plan and scheduling follow-ups as needed.

The heart and science of feeling good

If you are seeking transformation through yoga practice, mindfulness, and nutrition, Healing Yoga is here to support you. Yoga Medicine Teacher Michelle Pendleton will provide guidance if you’re struggling with stiffness or pain due to bad postural habits or unresolved injuries. She also is highly experienced in helping athletes who want to prevent and heal from injury and improve performance.

Personal transformation through yoga practice

Using a holistic approach that includes meditation and mindful nutrition, Michelle will help you tune into your body and become more aware of inner sensation and experience. By fostering a deeper and more nurturing connection with yourself, she will guide you not only toward feeling good inside and out, but also toward a more balanced and joyful approach to living.